Our Services

Camtron Technologies offers customized electronic design & prototyping services covering a wide area in the electronics domain. We design all kinds of electronic circuits & electronic products according to custom specifications.

Some of the electronic design services we offer are:

Custom electronics design & product development/prototyping service: 

This covers the design, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware. We design according to the requirements of the customer. Normally we require the specifications for a design job from the customer. In case the customer is not from the electronics field, then we can convert the requirements of the customer supplied in "plain English" to functional and electrical specifications and then proceed towards completing the design.

Embedded systems design (hardware and firmware/software): 

An embedded system is the one that "embeds" a microprocessor (commonly called as "processor") or a microcontroller (MCU) into the electronics design. Usually most everyday products that we use like refrigerators, automobiles, washing machines, microwave ovens and even your TV uses embedded microcontrollers in them. The best thing about embedded systems is that most of its functions are software controlled and can be changed easily without much work lost in re-designing the hardware. Although embedded systems design are a common part of any electronic systems & used in most of our designs, its worth mentioning it as a separate service since some customers might be specifically looking for this service.

PCB (printed circuit board) design & prototyping (single & multilayer): 

The printed circuit board, commonly referred to as the "PCB", also called Printed Wiring Boards (PWB), is an inherent part of every electronic hardware. This is a board (usually green colored) which supports and interconnects all the parts together. Every custom electronics hardware that we design includes PCB layout designing, prototyping & assembly by default. We can also offer PCB layout designing (PCB designing for short) & prototyping as a standalone service in order to convert any existing schematic diagrams that you might have already designed into fully assembled prototypes.

Complete electronic product design from concept to completion: 

This involves the development of a full fledged, complete "ready to market" product and consists of enclosure design (either based on readily available enclosures, or custom designed mold preparation), hardware design (schematic & PCB design), user interface design (front panel/control panels), firmware/software design, product approvals (CE mark, FCC, UL etc). We are good at converting mere English descriptions into complete products by interacting with clients till their we understand what they have in mind.


Camtron Technologies not only are reliable partners for design and prototyping, but also for small and large scale manufacturing of the designed products. We provide a single point contact for from design to manufacturing. Having designed the product we know the stuff inside out and are in the best position to take up manufacturing. We manage component sourcing, inspection, board assembly, quality checks, functionality checks, electrical tests through manual or automated test jigs which can be specially developed to suit the particular job under production. We handle small scale assembly in-house, but we have tie-ups with several board assembly facilities to get the boards populated rapidly for large volumes.

Re-engineering services to lower manufacturing costs or to correct flaws of existing designs: 

This is self-explanatory.

Custom software development (for PC platform): 

We have a great deal of expertise and understanding of software development for the PC platform. Many times, it is required that the custom designed electronics should be able to connect to a PC for controlling or data uploading/downloading purposes (eg. a data acquisition system). We fully support and supplement our hardware designs with PC side software development. We have experience in developing applications in Windows and Linux (C/C++ only) platforms using common programming languages (Visual Basic, SQL, ASP. NET)

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